Playhouse peek

Renovation Tips: Building The Perfect Playhouse

Designing the the perfect playhouse for your children can be just as fun as playing in it! Create a budget and pick a location before you share the idea with your child’s limitless imagination. Playhouses are surprisingly affordable and long lasting. Create a special place for your child to make memories that will last them a lifetime.

Playhouse peek

Ground Rules

When scouting areas for the playhouse it’s important that you survey your yard for anything hazardous. Check for poisonous plants or insect colonies that may ruin the fun. Think about installing a fence if you don’t already have one near the grounds for the playhouse.

As parents, we’re not capable of watching our kiddos 100% of the time, even though we might like to think that we can. A nanny cam may ease some angst and help you to monitor them. Establish some safety rules for both inside and outside of the playhouse. Decide which toys are allowed outside and in the playhouse, and which ones stay in your home.

Just like with their bedrooms, your children have a responsibility to keep their playhouse clean. Set a schedule for a weekly clean day and offer a reward when the upkeep is complete. Describe it in a way that makes them feel they own the space and to take pride in keeping what is theirs nice for years to come.

Time For Adventure!

Now that you have some ground rules, it’s time to get creative! Remember when you were a child and a simple piece of wood, a leaflet and string could be transformed into a ship that would sail the puddle seas? The perfect playhouse can embody more of your child’s imagination than actual structures. Let them help design the playhouse, asking them if they want interior space for drawing or coloring, or if they want something to climb on.

One of the benefits to having a playhouse is that you get your kids to go outside and play. However, if their playhouse is so cozy and cute, they may resort to sedentary behavior like they may have inside the home. You may consider some additional outside attractions, such as a kiddie pool or trampoline.

Playhouse fort


There are so many fun options for adding a playhouse to your yard! You and your kids will have a great time designing and planning, and building something special where you can create new memories together. And Mom and Dad, don’t forget about yourselves! You may also want to read about Claiming Your Man Cave and She Said “She-Shed”