Shingle Style Homes

shingle style home

A popular home style in Newburyport that Greene Construction proudly specializes in, is the Shingle style home named after the wood shingles used for the roofing and siding. These custom homes began as vacation homes for the wealthy to escape the city heat and humidity before air conditioning. Shingle style homes are a subset of Victorian style homes, with the same massive proportions and a front porch.

This article introduces the most common features of Shingle style, custom homes for those planning to build a custom home. Of course we can’t list all the features possible so you’ll want to tour towns like Newburyport, to discover which features you want to include when designing your custom home.

shingle style home



With a Shingle home style, you have lots of flexibility as these homes have expansive, asymmetric floor plans and creative roof lines with lots of dormers, towers and porches. You’ll need to work with an architect or design build company like Greene Construction, to design a home that incorporates the features you want, and fits your budget.

 Exterior Features of the Shingle Home Style

Shingle style home

  • Varied and often, creative roofs with dormers and gable ends.
  • Gable and gambrel roof style that emphasizes the width of the house.
  • Features added for interest may include a turret, eyebrow windows and/or a bay window.
  • Wide stairs leading up to a deep front porch, with simple square wood or stone columns.
  • Side walls that flare out over a stone foundation.

Inside Custom Shingle Style Homes

The Shingle home style is often rambling, with large open spaces on the main living level and lots of bedrooms on the second and third floors. Surprisingly, the floor plans are irregular in contrast to earlier homes with symmetrical footprints.

It’s common for this home style to blend indoor living space with porches and other outdoor spaces. This allows those inside the house to enjoy cool summer breezes, e.g. what you would expect for a summer home. This also explains why the original shingle home style didn’t worry about heating the large open spaces.  Common Shingle style, custom home features include:

  • Extended porches may reach the entire length of the home with large windows (often using sashes with 8 over 2 panes).
  • Asymmetric, open floor plans with large kitchens open to adjoining rooms.
  • Lots of fireplaces, often in the corner of the room and set at an angle.
  • Built-in cabinets (and bookshelves) in the dining room, kitchen and pantry.
  • Wide, open stairs with different types of spindle styles from floor to floor.

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Photo credits go to Charles Hoyt Designs for the 2 white, Shingle style custom homes shown here. Greene Construction collaborates with Charlie Hoyt on custom home and remodeling projects requiring in-depth design work.