Renovation Tips: She Said “She-Shed”

You hear a lot about Man Caves, but have you heard of the alternative for women called the “She-Shed”? Why should guys have all the fun? Build your own personal sanctuary where you can relax in a space of your own.

If you’re looking to convert a structure into a perfect little hideaway, make sure that the basics are covered. Are you close enough to needed facilities, or will you require some plumbing? Your She-Shed should also be well insulated and equipped with climate control. What’s the point of having a mini-palace if you’re not comfortable in it?

your she shed is a beautiful place to call your own

What Goes Into Your She-Shed?

Built-in shelves and cabinets are great for saving space, while giving you plenty of storage without making you feel claustrophobic. You’ll have plenty of room to store books, craft supplies, gardening tools, or anything else you want to have in there.

What sort of feeling do you want to have when in this space? Is it a place for meditation and to be considered a relaxing sanctum? Or do you want it to have some rustic elements where you can let your hair down and rock out to your favorite tunes Will it be modern or vintage?  You may want to hit up some antique shops for an interesting décor or maybe you can even craft some motifs of your own.

use your she shed for crafting

What Goes Outside Of Your She-Shed?

Think about how to extend your haven outside and around your She-Shed. Build a decorative canopy or porch that can add a magical touch to enchant your friends and family. Transform your seemingly regular yard into a truly marvelous wonder!

Walkways can add a stunning reveal to put you in the mindset you want to be. The surrounding area should be clear of obstructions where you can plant some of your favorite flowers and herbs. This is your secret garden and the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

A place like this is a perfect reward for the woman who has spent so much time making sure that other people were taken care of. Now it’s your time to be pampered in your own space.