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For over 25 years Greene Construction has built a reputation as a premier custom home builder and remodeling company that you can trust. Greg and his team are remodeling professionals based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with projects completed all around the North Shore. If you have questions about a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project you’ve been considering, call Greene Construction to get an expert opinion.We’re happy to help.

Remodeling in progressRemodeling is the process of changing the structure, style or form of something. The most common home remodeling projects involve bathrooms and kitchens but what about the other rooms in a house? To avoid getting tripped up by terminology, let’s look at all the different ways that homeowners “change” their homes.

  • Redecorating – involves changing the placement of furniture in a room, or swapping furniture between rooms to create a new look and feel. You’ll need help to see the possibilities and the results are great, at an affordable price.
  • Remodeling – can involve changing features in a room that are physically part of a house, i.e. you can’t move them like you would furniture. They might be attached to walls like kitchen cabinets, require adding or moving electrical outlets or plumbing that’s hiding in the walls. Sometimes remodeling will involve  modifying (full wall to a half wall) or moving walls, or installing additional or larger windows. It requires design creativity to think beyond the current floor plan, to see how you can add a wall of cabinets by moving a doorway or redefining the kitchen island.
  • Finishing – space in your home typically refers to an unfinished basement or attic. Similar to new construction but using the existing roof, exterior walls and the foundation, you can often add several needed rooms to your home. You’ll start by framing out the rooms with windows and doors according to local building codes. You’ll need to add heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing in the walls and then it’s time to finish the room(s) according to planned use and your decorating style.
  • Additions – is the term used for adding space to your home that starts with excavating ground to pour a foundation. On top of the foundation, you’ll frame out the walls up to the roof trusses and add the exterior envelope from the roof to the ground. Similar to remodeling, additions need heating/cooling and insulation, electrical and plumbing in the walls, followed by all the finish work to create rooms the way you’re used to seeing them.

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