Remodeling vs Moving – Top 5 Questions to Consider

As your family expands, the house that once was perfect may begin to feel a bit cramped… or perhaps you’ve started your own business; you now work from home and find there’s not enough space to get organized. House additions and remodeling are often the perfect solution to obstacles that arise as your lifestyle changes, and there are many reasons homeowners decide to add more space to their homes. Although remodeling is a difficult decision, it often outweighs the disadvantages of moving.

Before you decide on any major home change, take a look at the 5 topics we discuss with Newburyport homeowners when considering remodeling.

remodeling a kitchen


Are you happy with where you are? Are you mostly content with your current home? Do you have school age children who attend a particular school district?

While it’s true that remodeling has the potential to be stressful, it’s far less challenging then selling your current home, house hunting, signing, packing and moving. Ask yourself how long you plan to stay in your home – is it 5 or more years? Make that time special by remodeling your existing home with your own idea of perfection – customize that new space to your design tastes.


What types of house additions have you imagined?

With the plethora of addition types, it can be hard to pick one that will work best for you. Popular renovations include:

  • larger, updated kitchens
  • an extra bathroom
  • a nursery or guest bedroom for a growing family


Do you know what local building regulations will allow with respect to house additions in your Town/City? Are there specific regulations for your lot?

Will local regulations allow the type of addition you want, or do you need a variance? Home builders and remodelers have lots of experience with all sorts of remodeling projects and home additions, so let them guide you. In one town where we work, you need a variance for house additions over 500 square feet. This is important to know from the beginning, so you include the extra time in your project timeline.


Are the changes you’re interested in feasible within your planned budget?

Only you know what you can afford, but contractors know what products to use to work within your resources. There may be options you haven’t considered or are not aware of. At Greene Construction, we help homeowners find more space within their existing footprint, as well as create additions depending on their specific needs.


What return on investment are you expecting from these changes?

Some additions are better than others when it comes to resale value. Always do your research into what types of rooms add the most return on investment and how much different house additions cost. The good news is that with home additions, your home’s value increases, but so do your property taxes. We suggest that homeowners learn how much their home addition will return when they sell their home.

With the answers to these questions you are more prepared in knowing whether a remodel is right for you. Call me at 978-790-4881 with any and all questions.

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