prepare your house for winter

How To Prepare Your House For Winter In Massachusetts

Winter in Massachusetts can be tough, especially on your home. Snow, ice and wind can cause a lot of damage if you’re not prepared! There are a few things you can do to prepare your house for winter to keep yourself safe, warm and headache-free. We’ve also given recommendations for who you should call on the North Shore for repairs or services you may need!

prepare your house for winter

Prepare Your House For Winter

Consider Upgrading Your Insulation

If you live in an old home, you may need to think about upgrading the insulation in your house. Old insulation will let more heat out and cold in, which will drive up your heating bills this winter. This will also benefit you next summer when the new insulation will keep your air condition in and the heat out!

Recommended Service Provider: Us!
Give us a call if you think your insulation could use an upgrade.

Make Roof Repairs & Remove Large Tree Branches

If you have any roof repairs to take care of, now is the time! Avoid leaks and water damage by making those fixes now. Also take a look at the trees in your yard (and your neighbors yard) and consider having the large branches that hang over your home removed. Heavy snow, ice and wind could cause a lot of trouble for you this winter with those branches.

Recommended Service Provider: Tomahawk Tree Service
Give Steve a call in Salisbury to discuss trimming your trees back. Then call us if you need any roof repairs!

Schedule a Maintenance Call For Your Furnace

Have a professional come do a maintenance check on your furnace. It’s pretty cheap, and will make sure that your furnace will keep you warm throughout the winter. This is especially important if you have an older furnace that hasn’t been serviced recently!

Recommended Service Provider: Maffei Services
Give Greg at Maffei a call. They’re fantastic, and they even have a service plan you can sign up for to make sure you get regular service checks for your heating, air and plumbing.

Clean Out Your Gutters and Consider An Ice Dam Prevention System

If your gutters are full of leaves and debris, water will gather here and cause ice dams. An ice dam can cause a lot of damage to your roof, gutters, and water damage inside your home. Make sure your gutters are clear, and also consider installing an ice dam prevention system so you can stay worry-free this winter.

Recommended Service Provider: New England Ice Solutions
Talk with Jerry, and he’ll come do an in-person consult to discuss which parts of your roof would benefit the most from an ice dam prevention system.

Check Out Your Fireplace

If you’ve got a fireplace in your home that hasn’t been used since last winter, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone come take a look at it. They’ll make sure that your fireplace is safe to use. Don’t have a fireplace? You could!

Recommended Service Provider: North Atlantic Chimneys
Call Manny at 603-234-9207 to have him come take a look at your chimney!


Need help? We’re happy to talk to you about getting your home ready for winter.