Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is extremely popular because they’re at the center of most family’s lifestyles. The first step in remodeling a kitchen is understanding how you use your kitchen. Someone who loves to bake needs a baking center. Lots of families want space for young children to play and do homework and many homeowners want their kitchen remodel to create a space for entertaining.

Priorities for Your Kitchen Remodel

We’ll talk about your kitchen remodeling goals and our kitchen remodel checklist will help you identify and prioritize kitchen activities for:

  • Storing and preparing food.
  • Informal meals and entertaining.
  • Home office and/or crafts for adults.
  • Play, hobby and/or homework space for children.

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Kitchen Remodeling: Understanding Your Kitchen

Next we tour your kitchen, looking at the existing room. Where do you cook, eat, etc? What’s working and what do you want to change with your kitchen remodeling project? After looking at individual activity centers, we look at the overall room. Is there enough space for everything or do you need your kitchen remodel to create more space? Are activity centers in the right place for easy movement around the kitchen, i.e. are family members out of the way while you’re preparing dinner?

What’s In The Kitchen?

  • Big Ticket Items
    • Room size, i.e. more space
    • Cabinet style & materials
    • Counter top materials
    • Appliances & finish
    • Lighting, both natural & fixtures
    • Flooring
  • It’s All in the Details
    • Cabinet hardware
    • Cabinet features, i.e. rolling shelves
    • Sinks & faucets
    • Decorative trim, i.e. crown molding
    • Tile back splash
    • Decorative accents
      Paint colors & window treatments

Kitchen Remodeling:
Design Kitchen for Optimal Value

A kitchen remodel can be as simple as replacing cabinets, counter tops and appliances. More often when doing a larger kitchen remodeling project, there’s an opportunity to rearrange some of your activity centers to make your kitchen more functional. You may want more space, more cabinet storage and walls might need to be moved. In one home we moved a doorway 2 feet allowing us to add 12 inch deep cabinets, floor to 8 feet high, along an empty wall between the entryway and garage door. A kitchen remodeling project with major structural changes may require an architect or kitchen designer to join the remodeling team, but with Greene Construction’s “Design to Build” business model, we’ll make sure we’ve got the right team in place to support you.