Interior Home Maintenance

Small, incremental interior home maintenance can make your home stand out, keeping it up to date, and ensuring that costly replacements are kept to a minimum. As you realize you’ll probably remain in your current home longer than you previously thought, it means it’s time to start making updates to your home. You’ll want to list what you want and then it’s time to prioritize. Maybe you don’t have the money for larger remodeling projects but that doesn’t mean you can’t make smaller changes to your home. Don’t forget you’ve all got interior home maintenance responsibilities, and then there are the unexpected major repairs like a new roof or furnace. Ideally you’re putting away 1 to 2 percent of your home’s value, to cover these planned and unplanned interior home maintenance costs.

At Greene Construction, we’ve got a network of specialty contractors to help you get any project done, big or small. These are all contractors we use for our remodeling and new home construction jobs so call or fill out the form, and we’ll help match the best contractors to your home maintenance job.


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Plumbing for Bathrooms, Kitchens and More

We’ve got lots of older (some really old) houses in Newburyport and surrounding towns. As you add more and more electronics to your home, it’s more critical for your interior home maintenance plan to include replacement of old knobs and tubes or upgrades to electrical panels with less than 200 amps. Other reasons for getting help from a licensed electrician include:

  • Electrical Repairs & Upgrades

    • Updating/adding light fixtures.
    • Adding outlets to reduce/avoid extension cords.
    • General updating of outlets, switches and more.
    • Updating older electrical wiring or knob & tube.
    • Installing a generator for power backup.
  • Electronics Increasing Power Needs

    • Number of TVs you have?
    • Number of computers you have?
    • Number of devices to recharge – phones, tablets, etc.
    • Other electronic devices, i.e. audio, instruments, etc.
    • … and don’t forget appliances too

Electrical Systems for Lighting and Electronics

Water is our friend and enemy so it’s important to hire a licensed plumber to handle all but the most trivial plumbing repairs.Plumbing runs inside sealed walls – you can’t afford leaks which can go unseen for years, causing wood rot and supporting the growth of mold. Interior home maintenance includes the adoption of low flow water devices which are also becoming popular as the green movement accelerates.

  • Your Plumbing Systems

    • Repair water leaks.
    • Faucets inside & outdoors.
    • Bathroom sinks, toilets, showers & bathtubs.
    • Kitchen sinks.
  • Appliances that Use Water

    • Dishwashers.
    • Washing machines.
    • Hot water heaters.
    • … and shut-off valves to turn water off.

Carpentry and Handyman Projects

Maybe you’ve got some cabinet doors or drawers that aren’t hanging right or won’t stay closed? You’re not ready to invest in custom book shelves or a closet organizing system, so you bought them online or at a box store and now you don’t have time to assemble them. That’s when you want to call us for carpentry or handyman home maintenance help.


The help we can provide with your interior home maintenance is endless so we won’t try to list them here. We simply want to reduce the stress of home ownership by offering to match our best contractors with the work you need help completing.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

When your home is uncomfortably cold, most people think that including the addition of more insulation to their home maintenance plan will do the trick.  It’s true that insulation will slow the loss of conditioned (warmed or cooled) air but it’s not that simple. You need systems properly sized for your home’s square footage, proper air circulation and ventilationand sealing of gaps inside wall cavities and where different materials meet, i.e. windows next to siding.

  • HVAC Maintenance & Repairs

    • Annual heating system tune-up.
    • Annual air conditioning tune-up.
    • … as they’re more complicated that you realize.
  • Energy Saving Home Systems

    • Energy star furnaces & boilers.
    • Insulation, ventilation & caulking.
    • Learn more about heating and cooling your home efficiently at Energy Star website.

Lighting, Painting and Flooring

Now we can look at tasks that are considered more fun, and ones that homeowners often like to do themselves and if you’ve got the time, the tools and the skills (or are willing to do your homework and practice), then we wish you the best of luck. At the same time there are home maintenance projects better left to the pros like painting ceilings and walls over stairs, installing expensive tile or on walls where you’ll see your mistakes so let us handle these projects for you.

We know homeowners often start interior home maintenance projects and years later, they remain incomplete. Our contractors are familiar with completing these projects so you can enjoy your home so much more!

Good luck completing your home maintenance, repairs and planning your projects.