Interior Carpentry


Aesthetically, custom interior carpentry will make you the pride of your neighborhood. Greene Construction can add the flair of custom-built interior carpentry that will make you the envy of all your neighbors. Your kitchen and bathrooms come fully furnished but other rooms are empty. Can you remember walking into your living room or master bedroom with a ceiling, bare walls and some type of flooring?

Flooring changes are easier if done before moving furniture in. It helps to live in your home for a while and learn how you use each room.

Soon you’ll start dreaming about more storage or a cozy window seat.  Look at magazines and idea books (see my favorite books below) for how others have created ideas similar to yours. Now it’s time to find someone to help you turn your interior carpentry dreams into reality – we’d like it to be us!


Functional Built-Ins

You can buy a piece of furniture but rarely will it fit your space exactly. With custom built-ins, you get to design the space exactly how you want it. While you might spend a little more, you’ll get better support for your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Interior carpentry, especially custom built in’s are the best way to customize your living spaces.

Here are ideas from projects we’ve done for clients:

Living Spaces Bedroom Spaces
  • Shelving to display collectibles
  • Bookcases for books, etc
  • Extra seating or reading space
  • Storage, storage & more storage
  • Entertainment center
  • Bill paying center or desk
  • Hobby work space or storage
  • Bookcases
  • Student desk
  • Window seat for reading or overnight guests
  • Loft beds & playspaces
  • Under bed storage
  • Built-in dressers
  • Extra storage in short walls, odd spaces

You might be happy with how your home functions and just want to dress things up a bit. There are hundreds of trim choices from medallions to dress up your ceiling, crown molding, wainscoting and enough to fill entire books (see list below).

Great Idea Books

Sometimes we’re not quite sure what we’re searching for, and photos can help us visualize things. Here are some of the books my customers have praised for giving them great ideas.

Gather your photos and ideas – we’ll help turn your dreams into reality!