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Winter Is Coming: Ice Dam Prevention Solutions

Winter in New England can be harsh! One of the major causes of home damage in the winter is because of ice dams, so we’ve worked to develop an ice dam prevention system to help negate the problem. Remember a few winters ago when we got walloped with record snowfall? We’re sure that many of you had some snow and ice damage to your home because of it. Snow starts to melt off your roof, then re-freezes and creates a problem.

ice dam prevention

Ice Dam Prevention at a home in Sudbury, MA

Ice Dam Prevention Solutions

The easiest and best ice dam prevention we’ve found is to install ice melt panels. Ice dams most commonly form at the edges of your roof, also called the eaves. The panels heat up to prevent ice from forming on the eaves of your home, which prevents damage from happening.

Your homeowner’s insurance will help cover you once damage happens, but we hope that this will prevent damage from happening in the first place. That saves you time, money, and a headache!

Once the snow hits, it’s too late! Get your ice dam prevention system in place before winter gets here. If you’re having any roof work done or building a new home, it’s the perfect time to add this on and have it taken care of.

We can add a ice melt panels to any roof, and we’ll work with you to implement the best system for your home. We have various types of panels to fit to any roof line. The panels self-regulate their heat to ensure that they never get too hot, or use unnecessary energy.

Give us a call today to start talking about ice dam prevention for your home, and how we can help! We work with homeowners and commercial buildings.

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ice dam prevention solution

This is what the placement of an ice melt panel would look like on your roof.