Home Additions in Newburyport


Before home renovationsBuilding a home addition is actually more complicated than building a house. Investing in your homes future should be trusted with a home contractor that has extensive knowledge in home additions and a proven history.  The existing house must be protected during excavation. The biggest challenge for the home builder is integrating a home addition with the existing house in a way that looks natural, is structurally sound, waterproof and airtight. It’s not uncommon to uncover problems with the existing structure that must also be corrected during home addition projects.

Common Home Additions

Finishing existing space is less expensive but sometimes there isn’t enough or the right space. Putting a home addition on allows you to remain in your community, and it’s more cost effective than selling your home and moving to a new house.

  • Adding a sun room or enclosed porch.
  • Adding a room over an existing garage.
  • 2-story addition with multiple inside rooms.
  • A garage, with or without an upstairs bedroom.
  • Raising the roof (dormers) to get more livable attic space.

Tips to Plan Your Home Addition

Maybe it’s taken you a year or more to decide to add onto your home – congratulations. Now it’s time to start putting a plan together to make your home addition a success. You might think it’s as simple as finding the right architect and builder and we’re glad you found us. There are however, lots more decisions to make so to help you get started, here are a few tips:

  • Research home values in your community so you don’t overbuild.
  • Review remodeling.com’s latest Cost vs Value report to get familiar with average costs.
  • Set a budget for your project and decide how you’re going to finance it, i.e. home equity loan, refinance or savings?
  • Consider possible timetables and whether you’ll remain in your home during construction?
  • Learn what local zoning regulations will affect the design of your addition.

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