Exterior Home Maintenance


EM1Thoughtful and consistent exterior home maintenance is the key to keeping your home looking like new. Neighbors will appreciate your efforts and guests will feel welcomed by great curb appeal. You’ll be more prepared to sell your house when the time comes and you’ll save money by fixing problems when they’re still small versus major repairs (learn more by reading rotted window sill repairs).

As one of Newburyport’s remodeling companies, we visit homes throughout Boston’s north shore. We see homes that have been maintained and others that have been neglected. One of the biggest reasons homeowners neglect routine maintenance and repairs is they don’t know who to call. That’s why we’ve decided to expand our services to include home maintenance and repair services in the communities we serve. We’re leveraging our network of subcontractors we use for building and remodeling projects, and we’ll help you keep your home in tip top shape.

Roofing Repairs and Replacement

Roofing repairs are critical to exterior home maintenance as it’s your first line of defense to keep water, snow and ice out of your home. Repairs are needed due to storms (high winds, falling debris, hail storms and excessive snow loads) and natural wear and tear of your roofing materials, as they reach their end of life (generally 15 to 25 years based on exposure to the weather and salty air).

Common Roofing Repairs

  • Missing or torn shingles.
  • Exposed seams where flashing missing or not fastened properly.
  • Leaks around chimney, vent stacks, etc.
  • Water pooling in valleys filled with leaves & needles.
  • Poor roof installation including attic ventilation, or improper repairs.
  • Problems with roofing materials, i.e. not glued down properly or shrinkage.
  • Ice dams that lift up shingles (learn more at newenglandicedamsolutions.com).
Replacement Roofing Choices

  • Asphalt or fiberglass shingles.
  • Wood shakes.
  • Clay roofing tiles.
  • Slate roofs.
  • Concrete roofing tiles.
  • Metal roofs.
  • Rubber roofing for flat roofs.

Siding, Exterior Trim and Painting


Similar to your roof, siding is the outside layer that prevents water and debris from penetrating your home’s walls. Walls are built in layers from the siding to the vapor barrier over the sheathing, to the wall’s framing and insulation and finally your interior drywall. It’s important to keep water and moisture out, and conditioned air inside your home so always remember that painting your home’s wood exterior is about “protecting” your home.

Common Maintenance & Repairs

  • Painting, painting & painting!
  • Caulking seams between materials, i.e. siding & window trim.
  • Siding weakened by weather or water damage.
  • Window sills & kick plates with wood rot.
Replacement Siding Choices

  • Wood clapboard siding most common in Newburyport.
  • Wood shingles common seacoast siding.
  • Vinyl siding has improved significantly.
  • Fiber cement, i.e. Hardee board, very popular.

Doors and Window Repairs and Replacement

Windows represent a sizable portion of your wall space. They provide lots of natural sunlight, views of the outdoors and unfortunately, they also allow more conditioned air loss between your home and the outdoors. As your home ages, you will need to consider upgrading to more energy efficient windows and to a lesser degree, doors.

Common Door Maintenance

  • Adjustments so doors open, close & lock easily.
  • Painting to protect doors from the weather.
  • Weatherstripping to reduce air flow through gaps.
  • Adding or changing locks for safety.
  • New doors or storm doors for insulating value.
Common Window Maintenance & Repairs

  • Cleaning, caulking & painting window sills and trim.
  • Repairing or replacing window screens.
  • Adjusting windows to open, close & lock easily.
  • Upgrade windows for energy efficiency.
  • Add or enlarge windows for better views.

Decks, Fencing, Porches and Patios

EM5When the weather gets nice we like to move outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. You’ll enjoy your front porch or deck more, when it’s properly maintained. Any of these outdoor features made of wood need to be protected from the elements which is where consistent maintenance is needed, to maximize the life of each fixture.

Maintaining Wood Features

  • Seasonal cleaning & sealing.
  • Repair or replace problem pieces of wood.
  • Add flower boxes, seating, etc.
  • Extending deck to same/multiple levels.
  • Add more access, i.e. stairs.
Deck Material Choices

  • Pressure treated lumber, now with less toxic chemicals.
  • Natural woods (redwood & cedar) that resist rot & insects.
  • Exotic, tropical hardwoods, hard & resists rot & insects.
  • Composite deck materials with recycled plastic (some have wood).
  • Aluminum great in any weather, resists mold, doesn’t peel/blister.

Landscaping, Driveways, Walkways & More

A few steps away from the house, you likely have one or more walkways and a driveway. These need minor maintenance with your lawn, shrubs and trees taking most of your attention. Our network includes contractors to help with anything from landscaping to lawn care, pool maintenance. If you’re interesting in adding a garden shed, gazebo or sunroom, then we’ve got you covered too.

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