Design Build Saves Time & Money


Design build is where a company like Greene Construction, provides both design and construction services. Design build is fairly new in residential construction, evolving from commercial construction where it now accounts for roughly 50% of all projects. By making design and construction decisions together during the design phase, the project timeline is shorter and the client saves money. With a design build company, customers enjoy the project more as they never have to manage differences between the design and the builder!


A benefit of the design build process is one project manager from beginning to end, so there’s no confusion as to where accountability falls. Greg Greene is your project manager and depending on project scope, he will bring in the right design skills for the project. This saves you money when you have a good idea of the layout you want and there are no or only minor, structural changes.

When a design build project needs walls moved or an addition built, Greg will use the best architect, interior designer, kitchen/bath designer or engineer to get the job done in a timely, cost effective manner. Greg’s #1 goal is to help you navigate to the project scope and budget you want in 2 to 3 meetings.

Design Build Process

Design is an iterative process, where you work to balance your dreams with your budget. Here’s an overview of the steps we go through in our design build process, although smaller projects might skip steps.

  • Preliminary meeting – fills a dual role of talking about your project scope and learning if personalities are a good fit. We believe our ability to listen, to hear your concerns and offer information and recommendations while leaving the final decisions to you, is what past customer truly value.
  • Preliminary estimate – is provided to confirm that your original project scope fits within budget. At this point we have a reasonably good idea of costs for labor and construction materials. We also include allowances for the finishes you will pick like cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc, to give your a total project estimate.
  • Design contract – is your first decision as we give you a choice of conceptual drawings (floor plans and elevation drawings) or a full design package ready to submit for the building permit (can be deferred to the build contract).
  • Architect or designer – join the team if needed, to create detailed plans for structural changes and/or kitchen and bathroom designs. If the only structural change is removing a load bearing wall, using an engineer will save money or if no structural changes are planned, we may draw up rough plans for the contract and building permit.
  • Design build contract – documents each component of the project starting with demolition down to the wall studs, removing walls, etc. It lists each item planned including internal systems like insulation and heating,  electrical and plumbing. Finish products are identified by manufacture and model or an allowance where you want to purchase these products. A full set of drawings is included to document the completed job and support the building permit process.

Greene Construction, a design build company, is known for strong communications, creative problem solving and attention to detail in everything we do. See how our customers feel about the work we’ve done for them.

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