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When you finally start designing and building your dream house, it’s both exciting and scary.  You realize there are many decisions to make unlike any you’ve ever made, so picking the right custom home builder is really important as you’ll be spending many waking hours together and you’ll depend on your builder to guide you through this complex process.

Custom Homes from Greene Construction

My name is Greg Greene, and at Greene Construction we make it our priority to work with you so your custom home building experience is a positive one from our very first meeting. We check in with you daily once we start building, to keep you up to date. All the way through the process, we explain next steps and the decisions you need to make as we don’t want to overwhelm you. We handle many of the construction details, ones related to local building codes, utility hook-ups, building materials and more. My goal in building your custom home, is to deliver your home as designed, on schedule and budget. On a daily basis I’m monitoring activities to insure all contractors and materials arrive on schedule and the work is completed to my quality standards. It’s a challenging job and when we need to alter plans, you’ll have an opportunity to weigh in on the changes.

Key Decisions for Building Custom Homes

For most homeowners, your focus will be on the features we add to your custom home “outside the walls” as those are the ones you see once you move into your new home. However, there are some key decisions that have to be made first, including:

  • Your budget – should be in line with the location of the house, along with the style and size of the custom home you’re building. You’ll want to consider the price of neighboring homes as you never want to have the most expensive house on the street as the price you’ll get when selling your home will be based on nearby, custom homes.
  • Your lot will affect your custom home design – with local zoning ordinances that control the size of your home’s footprint, setbacks from property lines, etc. On the seacoast we also have to consider soil conditions, draining plus wetlands and related water conservation rules.
  • Your design build team – includes the home professionals who will design and build your custom home. While some homeowners opt to hire an architect first, we recommend involving your builder in all design activities (read Design Build at Remodeling Newburyport) to save time and money.
  • Designing custom homes – is challenging as you balance decisions related to cost, space and upgraded features. We’ll work with you on these decisions … and to get started, our best advice is to build the space (square footage) you can afford now. It’s cheaper to upgrade finishes (flooring, lighting, custom trim, etc) later versus an addition that requires excavation, a foundation, exterior walls and a roof and potential upgrades to heating and cooling systems.

Homes built or remodeled by greene construction

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