Renovation Tips: How To Claim Your Man Cave

Before you start claiming your turf and filling your man cave with creature comforts, decide on which room has the best feel for your new domain. Creating an impressive man cave starts by identifying which room you are going to use and which part of the house is best suited for this purpose.  Building out your project allows your imagination to manifest an astonishing hangout.

man cave room


Whether you plan on remodeling an existing room, or  you have greater aspirations which lead you to building a home addition, your man cave should embody your personal taste and provide your basic living needs. This means the space should be safe and clean. Ask yourself questions like, Does the space have windows or a skylight for natural light and how is the air flow?

There should be plenty of electrical outlets. Flooring and built-in units add character and dimension to the atmosphere. Ideally, the room should be climate controlled and have good accessible plumbing. You deserve to be comfortable and in a place where you  can unwind and relax.

Climate Control

A must have! There is no reason to be uncomfortable in your comfy space. If the room doesn’t have windows, or existing central air-conditioning, you may be limited to using individual cooling units, yet they seem to get in the way.

Your choice in climate control accents, such as ceiling fans will allow you to carry a theme throughout. A custom built fire place is warming and can tell a story through its design.


You have claimed your space, and the temperature is perfect. Now it’s time to start planning how you are going to create the structures inside your man cave. You want to be mindful how the remodeling will support your interests and hobbies. Here is an opportunity to trick out your pad and impress your friends.

Think about how great a built-in option would be for your entertainment center. A structure like this would add to your theme and present a look of professional quality. Classics like the pool table and dart board should be considered early on in your design. Will you have enough room to move around the pool table? Is the wall you are using to place your dart board sturdy enough? Assessing your entertainment needs early on, saves a lot of heartache and redesign expenses.

man cave pool table


Your man cave is coming along nicely, but now what you need is your throne! You probably want to make accommodations for your guests as well. Perhaps a sofa or two? Place yourself there and think about what additional surfaces you may need like a coffee table or end tables for you to place your beverages and snacks. Do you think you may need an ottoman to rest your weary legs?

Your furniture and interior carpentry support your hobbies and special interests. They are also the aesthetics of your zone. Feel free to be unconventional in your space. Your imagination is limitless. What about a hammock for those lazy days? Find accents you are fond of. Dream of yourself lounging around on a big bean bag, or settling into the luxury of a sophisticated recliner. Continue to add personal touches that reflect your personality and accomplishments.


Improve upon the additional counter space and extra outlets by adding your own custom mini-kitchen. You can now add that old crock-pot to your collection and prepare the best Chile Con Queso for you and your buddies while you watch the game and never miss a play!

Refreshments inevitably lead to an exit. Imagine watching the game, and you suddenly are in the need to use the restroom. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to leave your man cave to do your man business? Installing a half bathroom will enable you quick access to get back to enjoying your space, your man cave!