Custom Carpentry
& Built-Ins

Custom carpentry is the ideal solution when you want something unique for your family and home. Greene Construction specializes in custom carpentry and will use your space wisely as “custom” means we can make good use of those odd spaces in corners, under windows and more. Here are some of the most popular projects requested by homeowners along Boston’s north shore and southern NH. We’re proud of our work and the excitement of our customers when they see how a small change can dramatically enhance their home’s appeal.

  • Fireplaces – have evolved over the years from their original purpose of providing heat. Most can still warm up a room although homeowners want them for their warm and cozy feeling. It’s also common to build custom cabinets, bookshelves and even an entertainment center around today’s fireplace.

  • Interior Carpentry – includes a wide range of projects. The most popular are built-in cabinets and shelving to display special collections. Window seats make good use of small, unused spaces. Decorative trim is a great way to create an elegant look and feel with crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting, columns and more choices than we can list here.

  • Staircases– are an integral part of every home with more than one floor of living space. Interior stairs can also be opened up to the rooms around them to add visual space and style to your home.

  • Outdoor Anything – means different things to different homeowners. The most common outdoor carpentry project is a deck as families enjoy eating and entertaining outdoors. There are enclosed decks, porches or sun rooms and beyond the house, gazebos and storage sheds. Similar to interior decorative touches, there are many types of decorative trim you can add around doors, windows and under the roof line.

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