Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom remodeling project should start with a discussion, as bathrooms are very personal and private spaces. Greene Construction will meet with you to identify the changes you want by discussing the following:

  • Are you comfortable with the size of your bathroom space?
  • What do you use in your bathroom today?
  • What new bathroom features do you want to add? and possibly remove?
  • Do you have enough storage space in your bathroom?

We build a prioritized list of features for your bathroom remodeling to see if there’s enough space. Are there added costs to move walls and/or plumbing during the remodel? A quick estimate can tell us if your dream bathroom fits within your budget.


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Bathroom Remodeling Features

Remodeling a bathroom typically involve cabinets, fixtures, lighting and flooring. It’s wise to identify your most important “must have” features as small bathrooms include a number of purchases, and there are always trade-offs to be made.

You need to get clear about your goals — functional or are you transforming your bathroom into a spa, gym or den to relax in after a tough day at work. Here are the most common features included in a bathroom remodeling project, along with the latest bathroom trends. For more ideas and help organizing your priorities, download a copy of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Bath Planner.

  • Popular Bathroom Remodeling Features
    • Updated vanity & more storage
    • Coordinated medicine cabinet, mirror, towel bars, etc.
    • Water saving toilet
    • New bathtub and/or shower
    • Tile floor and tile walls (tub, shower, room)
    • More space and light, i.e. adding/enlarging windows
  • Trends in Bathroom Remodeling
    • Large, spacious showers
    • Soaking tub
    • Steam bath
    • Ventilation to control humidity
    • On demand water heaters
    • Eco-friendly products

Bathrooms are important! Large or small, we’re ready to help you plan your new bathroom.

  • Bathroom remodel with double vanity, Boxford, MA

  • Larger shower with bathroom remodel, Newburyport, MA

  • Bathroom remodel and whirlpool tub, Wenham, MA

What Will Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Cost?

Homeowners today are extremely price sensitive and you should be. We’ll work with you to build a bathroom remodeling plan that fits your budget. Using our bathroom remodeling worksheet, you’ll set priorities and decide which features you want to replace and those you can reuse to save money. As bathroom fixtures range in price from a $500 vanity to a $4,000 vanity, we give you time to research online and decide which bathroom features will give you the most value for the money.