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Newburyport’s Top Home Builder and Remodeler

Greene Construction is proud to be Newburyport’s TOP home builder and remodeler. At Greene Construction, we take pride as home builders that focus on the homeowner experience by listening to our clients and finding creative solutions to achieve your goals within your budget. I’m Greg Greene, owner of Greene Construction and “… I like seeing the smiles on my customer’s faces”.

What do we mean by creative solutions? We’re not your typical home builder. We enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to fit your custom home onto an odd sized lot or squeezing more function into your existing space as we’re building smaller homes, with more functionality. Many remodelers shy away from the most challenging projects like stairs, custom built-ins, and we love them. Sometimes this means thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo to identify unique solutions.

Homeowners in Partnership with Your Home Builder

What’s important about us is that we take our role as your home builder or remodeler very seriously. We partner with architects to provide a practical approach to the design of your project, what we and the industry call design build. We involve you in every step of the building process and we know we’re not done until you’re smiling. We maintain an ongoing relationship with you via our newsletter, so when you need help with a problem or new project, you know we’re just a phone call away … and we love referrals too.

Home ownership means maintaining the home you have. As home builders we understand how challenging maintenance can be for busy homeowners juggling many priorities. We know you often don’t have enough time to research and find the best solution – materials, products and/or contractors, to deal with problems that occur with your house. That’s why we believe as your home builder, we are partners for as long as you own your home. We’ll help you to find the right solution because we know you, your home and local weather, housing standards and building codes.

This also gives us the opportunity to have fun with custom carpentry like the projects below, where homeowners needed more storage or wanted a different look. The half wall (below left) is a great example of using a bookcase and open display space (visible from the home’s entry way) instead of a railing over the stairs.

Why I Became a Home Builder and Remodeler

While attending the University of New Hampshire, I worked in construction during summer vacations. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in natural science and wildlife management, I realized I loved the creativity involved in finding solutions for homeowners and decided to continue working as a home builder and remodeler.

I also liked the freedom I gained as an entrepreneur, working with great people on exciting and creative projects. Greene Construction has grown over the last 20 years, building and remodeling custom homes  for homeowners on Boston’s north shore. The construction industry is changing. My challenge as a home builder is:

  • Continually learning about new products, materials and building techniques.
  • Listening and learning from my customers, as their requirements change.
  • Matching solutions to customer requests. For example, I found Ice Melt New England to address a chronic New England problem that many of my clients were having and now am President of the company.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Work as a Home Builder?

I really like working with my customers. Helping homeowners figure out what they want and can afford, is challenging and rewarding. One of the things I really look forward to is the smile on their face when they see the project get close to completion, when they say “… this is better than I could have imagined“, that’s the reward in the work I do as a custom home builder and remodeler!

What Commitment Do You Make to Your Clients as a Home Builder and Remodeler?.

My commitment as a home builder is to make my customers really happy with the outcome of their project(s). Everyone who works for me understands my focus on quality down to the last detail. As a team, everyone knows I want my customers to feel like they got real value for their investment of time and money, and maybe even that they got more than they paid for.

greg greene

Greg is a home builder who truly understands that the best referral is a happy customer telling their story to friends and neighbors. He spends more time working with his clients than swinging a hammer but he’s always there to listen to concerns, answer questions and insure the utmost quality in every project.

When You’re Not Building, How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Living in Newburyport, I try to spend my time in a kayak, a boat or some days you’ll find me walking the beach. I love to hike and sometimes head north to hike the mountains in New Hampshire and Maine.

Work with Newburyport’s top home builder, Greg Greene,to create your dream home

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