A Newburyport Partnership


Greene Construction has built a strong foundation within Newburyport and we are very proud of our Newburyport partnership. We have had the pleasure to build and work upon some of the most gorgeous homes to be found on the North Shore for over 25 years. Homes in Newburyport have an old colonial feel and for 17 years, that was fine for Gary and his family. Over the years they updated their home’s siding and finished the basement as the children got older. They liked their community and realizing they’d be there for lots more years, it was time to update the kitchen. They wanted to “… create an open concept, kitchen – living – dining room, which would be more friendly than the divided rooms“.

What started out as a kitchen remodel and replacing the unused jacuzzi bathtub in the master bathroom, became the “might as well” year. Gary and his wife added several projects once they saw Greg’s team in action. They were impressed with everyone’s attention to detail so they kept adding projects. Let’s look at all the projects completed in this Newburyport partnership between Gary and Greene Construction, and the way creative ways various challenges were solved.

Gary was pleased that “… Greg insists everyone on his team work to his standards.”

The Kitchen Remodel

Gary and his wife wanted their new kitchen to be more friendly and open to the adjoining living/dining rooms. They also wanted a more functional kitchen, easy for 2 cooks working side-by-side preparing a family meal or entertaining a group of friends.

  • More counter space for multiple, parallel activities.
  • More lighting, including task lighting.
  • Lots of functional storage.
  • Easy access drawers with sliding shelves.
  • Informal seating along the length of the countertop open to the dining area.

From Walls to Columns

Home building codes evolve over time, and large, open concept spaces are now more popular. Gary and his wife wanted a more inviting living room. They removed the wall to the dining room, added columns for support and let Greg add the details.

  • Wall removed; replaced by columns for structural support.
  • Half walls connect columns to the walls and matching chair rail.
  • Fireplace added to the living room.
  • Trim detail ties new elements together (columns, wall and fireplace) so the room feels natural.

Custom Office with Twice the Space

This home office once had a single desk and no place to put books or display things. Gary gave Greg a list of requirements and Greg drew up some ideas. Built-ins provide maximum flexibility as the desk on the right shows, with open display space on the wall high enough for the computer monitor below.

  • Lots of storage space with file cabinets below and a lazy Susan in one corner.
  • Lots of desktop space created with countertops around 3 walls, dropping to a lower level to accommodate the window.
  • Bookcases to organize books and provide easy access.

Replacing the Jacuzzi Bathtub

Building trends come and go, and it’s quite common to replace an unused bathtub with a large shower like Gary’s new tiled shower. The colors used are light and combined with the glass shower doors, make the room appear more spacious than the actual size.

  • Walls tiled throughout the room with tile border.
  • Shower seat for relaxing and for the woman, shaving your legs.
  • Relaxing pebble tile floor in the shower.
  • Task lighting and an extra mirror over the bathroom vanity, and storage below.

Plus a fireplace …


and combination half bath – laundry!


You’ve got your dreams. Call us and let’s get started!